The positive willingness for bringing the EU future in the region is not enough for making changes. There is need of joint action of young people and relevant stakeholders for the EU integration process. Therefore, we are partnering with relevant stakeholders and institutions to enhance the EU accession process based on the “youth to youth” cooperation.

Evidence based action

The joint action is based on evidence based since we are implementing activities for promotion and facilitation of exchange of good practices about active youth involvement in the relevant process of the countries and the region as well as the participants are obliged to conduct small analysis on the current policies dedicated on the EU integration process in their countries.

Capacity building for action

The young people although leaders and change-makers in their countries, must be ready for joint action for youth involvement in the EU integration process. Hereby, we are implementing the capacity building activities, whereby the selected candidates for participation on the conference are raising their knowledge and capacities about design of the policy recommendations. The focus of the capacity building is the young people to be prepared for creation of youth friendly policies in different countries, that will bring EU and European decision-making closer to the young people in the SEE region.

Advocacy and lobbying

The participants as well as will have the opportunity to challenge regional and European leaders, interact and be mentored by influencers, and present their policy recommendations in front of relevant decision makers. In 2019 the policy recommendations were presented by the participants within the Public debate of the National Council for EU integration of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia. In 2020 the policy recommendations were discussed with Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Ilhan Kulchyk, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur for the Republic of North Macedonia and Mr. Arber Ademi, Chair of Committee for European Affairs, Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Starting the joint action

Young people who are selected to be participants come together at the conference during which the interactive workshops are serving as a platform for discussion.Here the creative solutions and joint policy recommendations are sparked.Exposure to different perspectives instils empathy and a sense of shared responsibility for the future of SEE region.

The joint action continues

When the participants will complete the full conference process, they are invited to join our Alumni Network to maintain engagement with the Youth Alliance - Krusevo , participate in alumni events, and support new generations of young leaders. Our alumni are crucial to our future success, often providing support and guidance on regional projects and promoting the impact-oriented mindset of the alumni network.