The Alumni Network of the International Youth Conference is impactful regional network for young leaders in Southeast Europe.




countries represented


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About the 150+ alumni members - who they are?

  • Young leaders

  • Politicians,government & policy officials

  • Recognized motivators

  • Activists & human rights advocates

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About the alumni network

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Impact team

Alumni members benefits

  • Connections with the regional platforms and structures

  • Engagements in international activities

  • Mentorship

  • Media opportunities

  • Impact measurement

  • Year-round support from a dedicated project team

Members of the Alumni Network have lifetime membership of the network. Once an member of our community, always an member.

Audrey Dussel


"My advice to the next generation of regional young leaders is to keep an open-mind and listen to the other side, before making up their minds on any specific topic."



"Show solidarity with each other in difficult situations. Don't think too much of the EU. Strength comes from within. Believe in what you do, because it is the right thing, and you will find allies everywhere - this is what Krusevo conference is all about!"



"Never say never, never say no. Always be ready to engage yourself and guide the SEE region to the place where it belongs: under the blue sky and the twelve stars of the EU."



"Make sure your voice is being heard, that's the least you can do."



"To forget any prejudice, to put aside history and look more at the future together. To be more and more active before, during and after the conference and to use the opportunity to attend such a great event at its fullest."

How to join
the alumni network

Secure a place for participation on the next conference

Participants are chosen to attend based on their proven leadership and impact in their respective field. Young people can attend the conference as a representative of an organisation, group, or independently.

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a next conference

Participate in five transformative days of speeches, panels, networking and workshops. Participants make lasting connections throughout the conference, celebrating their participation at social events and create a product during the interactive workshops.

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Be a part of
the alumni network

All participants of each international youth conference are invited to be part of the alumni network and return home with the means to make a difference, with access to the regional network of 150+ young leaders, and with motivation to promote the EU values in the region.

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