In 2012, Youth Alliance Krusevo celebrated ten years of the organization of the first International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of the Southeastern European Countries”.  The tenth International Youth Conference was five days of intensive work which was serving as forum for discussions and reflections of youth leaders from SEE as one of the main creative and productive forces of the region, whose ideals and aspirations underpin the development of the region as a prosperous, democratic and stable region in the framework of the European Union. Within this context, fifty-five (55) active young people from 15 countries (Macedonia (host country), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Kosovo under UNSC 1244/1999, Monte Negro, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) focused on promoting the European values as common values of young people in SEE. This event took place in Krusevo, Macedonia,  from 21st to 25th of September, 2012.

The event provided inspirational insights into the role of young people in achieving the European values in their societies and developing recommendations and proposals for further youth actions for promotion of these core values among young people in Europe and particularly in SEE. The conference consisted of both parallel sessions adapted to the different groups present, and common sessions for all stakeholders. The conference programme introduced participants to variety methods for promotion of the European Values and provided opportunities for experiencing European values by exchanging realities, opinions and values with relevant stakeholders and active young people from SEE and Europe. Also it was an ideal opportunity for networking, finding solution, for discussions between different stakeholders and for communicating outcomes and making impact.  This all led to an impressive set of action plans, aimed at bringing the European values closer to our realities.