10th International Youth Conference “European values for the Future of SEE countries” – 2011 





Fifty-five (55) active young people from 14 countires during the Traditional Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of Southeastern European Countries 2011” focused on promoting the European Values as  a common values of young people in SEE. This event took place in Krusevo (Republic of Macedonia) from 1st. to 5th.  of September 2011.
Throughout five days, the participants made critical and self-critical reviews of the policies implemented in SEE through sharing and discussing common problems concerning youth. The theoretical input, where based on good practices about the potential of the actual multicultural EU models and Balkan 2014, and it raised awareness among youth about the significance of the regional cooperation for EU integration. The opportunity that the youth leaders had to interact with the authorities (our guest speakers) is expected to encourage them to continue the dialog with the decision-makers and on the long-term and to establish a higher level of dialogue between both parties. Our proposed program allowed and offered an increase in knowledge and exchanging experiences which resulted with an official document of the conference “Youth Appeal for Action”, that will propose particular youth actions.
The main conclusions of the Conference were: As youth leaders, youth workers, NGO representatives and young people we should be proud that we are the key transformational force of our societies and we need to work together today for our future EU tomorrow. One of the EU’s great strengths is its ability to spread European values beyond its borders. Values such as respecting human rights, upholding the role of law, protecting the environment and maintaining social standards in the social market economy. We, young people from SEE, are transformational force of the region through the source of our inspiration - European Integration.