5th International Youth Conference “European values for the Future of Southeast Europe” – 2007 




Young people have come together from all over the region to attend the 5th International Youth Conference: 55 youth workers, leaders and active young people.  Although its history is very young, by coming together, evaluating, strongly holding on to and defending our beliefs as the young people have done, we together ensured a future of the Traditional  International Youth Conference . Young people were the embodiment of the 5th Conference theme: “European Values for the Future of Southeast Europe”. The main issues and recommendations that were discussed during the conference: Development of the joint youth platform for cooperation and action of youth from the states of SE Europe towards strengthening the Euro integration processes through promoting democratic values and new views for the future; Contribution in fulfilling the priorities from the agreement for Stabilization and association; Active participation in NGO sector in the direction that will speed the process of Euro integration of the region as a support of government activities of all countries from the region; Giving positive contribution to societies of the region in the Euro integration process through joint regional approach to the problems of young people from the region; To send a clear message to all conservative forces and movements that we accept only the democracy as a state establishment, tolerance and companionship as a way of thinking, freedom of movement and thinking as a way of life; Promotion of new values in the spirit of modern ambitions for Euro integration - democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism; Developing the youth movement and creation of permanent alternative forms of network which will promote European values and visions and Creating conditions for creation of “Euro youth cultural capitals“ which will represent organizations that will contribute in the processes of integration in the region as an entity.