2nd International Youth Conference “European values in Southeastern European Countries” – 2004 



The Second International Youth Conference took place in Krusevo from 25-28 September 2004 with theme “European Values in Southeastern European Countries”. The youth event consisted in 4-day meeting during which 55 young people from South East Europe took place. The Conference was organized for: promotion the needs of young people in SEE and how they can contribute to the process of regional cooperation toward the Euro-Atlantic integrations; expression the unity and the joined visions of the people from all ethnical communities which live in the countries of the Balkan towards the joined future; confirmation the inter-cultural values summary in the principals of the modern Europe; promotion of new possibilities, as a backup of the new views, visions, and alternative and new ways of thinking, self-organizations, and expressive possibilities and building cohesive forces respecting the traditions, setting parts with the past and pointing their forces to building a better future for the region.